Virtual Curation and International Museum Day: Making Connections with Digital Collections.

New Deal Archaeology

by Bernard K. Means (

Online access to archived journals is certainly critical to my efforts to examine all New Deal archaeology survey and excavation efforts on a national scale. Granted, some of these sources offer vague and tantalizing clues to Depression-era work relief archaeology projects—but these clues have spurred further searches across the virtual wonder that is the internet.  I have uncovered many references to New Deal work relief archaeology through searches in databases such as JSTOR, using various obvious key words or phrases, and variations on those key words and phrases.  National Youth Administration (NYA) projects might be, for example, listed under the phrase “National Youth Administration,” or by the acronyms NYA or N.Y.A. (NYA and N.Y.A. turn up different search results, and are used interchangeably in many journals).  The same is true for the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA/F.E.R.A.), Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC/C.C.C.), Civil Works Administration (CWA/C.W.A.)…

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